Just a lil Strange (princess_skye) wrote,
Just a lil Strange

some more stupid quizzes (yay)

All quizzes are sexy in nature, lol ;)

<td align="center"> Missy Harp --

100% kinky

'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at QuizUniverse.com</td>

<td align="center">Libra

You are so popular, you have your choice of hotties. You can easily charm anyone of your choosing, and you often come home with someone you picked up at the bar.
Despite your forward and extraverted nature, you are usually submissive in bed. You like your partner to take the lead and show you all of their little secrets.
Sex matches: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Take this quiz at QuizUniverse.com

You prefer Romantic sex!

You like romantic sex. For you, it's not all too much about being horny - it's more an expression of how you feel about your partner(s). It's an experience that you can share -- that you can experience and enjoy together.

'What is the best type of sex for you?' at QuizUniverse.com

<td> <table border="0" width="450" bgcolor="#000000">
Your favorite thing to say in the bedroom is:
That’s my elbow, dimwit
Take this quiz at QuizUniverse.com

<td align="center">You are 76% kinky

You are crazy kinky. Do you ever think of anything other than sex?

Take this quiz at QuizUniverse.com</td>

All for now.
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