Just a lil Strange (princess_skye) wrote,
Just a lil Strange

now a serious post.

okay ppl, I've got good news and bad.

Bad first: Granny has breast cancer. It's a lump in her left breast and she will have to have the entire breast removed.

Good news: She will be okay! :) She is going to have the surgery this Tuesday at 8 am and the doctors all say she will be cured after removal of the breast. She might not even need chemo.

This is why I hadn't called you back yet Will, it's been slightly hectic around here lately. But I didn get the message and will call you asap. Promise :)

I've been off work now for 3 weeks with a sprained elbow. I actually have to take physical therapy for it 3 times a week. I never realized you could actually do that much damage to an elbow.

Umm lets see what else,,, Oh i have 2 puppies, a brown mutt and a black mutt, lol. Both female, brown on is Lil Bit, and black one is Trixie. I am going to have to get one of those bark control collars for Lil Bit, she will not shut up!! She even barks at air.

Well that's enough for now, I have to get a few hours of sleep before I goto therapy. Goodnight and love to all my friends. :) <3
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