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Has it been so very long??

 yeah pretty much it has.  God my life keeps changing :(,  I wish it would just stay normal for once.  (then again to those who know me, have I ever been "normal"?)  I am once again in a different vocation.  I am now employed by a local dive restaurant called Dairy Hut.  Quite a change from my last two jobs and rather humbling it seems.  I fought some horrible daemons this year and think I have finally locked them deep in a secret place inside me if nothing else.  There are many things that happened that I just honestly don't wish to post in a public online forum ya know, lol.  Too many eyes are watching these days.  I feel more jaded and bitter at this point in my life than I ever have before.  I grew up a lot this past year and not all of it for the better I guess.  I went from being one of those ppl who look for the good in everyone and everything to this paranoid cynic who is always wondering what's next to go wrong.  I can't be completely happy and comfy cozy anymore I suppose, reality is out to get me.  I saw some of my oldest and "best" friends become my enemies overnight.  These were the ones I grew up with and thought would always be some part in my life.  Now I know that I was never more to them than a way to procure whatever they wanted, be it food, recreational things, or even just a ear to whine into.  You've all seen that stray dog on the streets that has been beaten and scarred, maybe missing an ear or something.  Anyways  you look at it and think that it's spirit must be broken till you see that gleam in it's eye.  The one that tells you the animal has been severely fucked in it's lifetime, but will never be again.  The next unlucky soul that raises a hand or voice to this creature will learn that sometimes a bite is much, much worse than a bark.  Well, that's enough bitching for one post.  Sorry to anyone who actually read this far, it was just some ramblings that needed to escape from my too jumbled mind.  I'll try to make the next post all rainbows and sunshine to make up for it.  Much loves to absent LJ friends that have probably forgotten my existence.  Guess what?  I'm back, version 2.0
Tags: bitching, end of the year update
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